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An Immersive Learning Center Unlike Any Other



We strive for academic excellence by providing our students with core learning skills in reading, writing, science, and mathematics. We teach students the essentials of learning so they can develop skills and competencies that enable them to thrive in the modern world. We specialize in providing our students with learning opportunities that transcend traditional learning expectations, helping our students achieve success today and tomorrow!

Girl reading book in front of bookshelves

CEO, Education Director



An education specialist and dyslexia therapist, Maria holds a PhD in special education, along with multiple degrees, and a National Board recognition for her exceptional work in the field of education. Maria's passion is to give every child the power to master their unique talents while building academic excellence, so they can thrive in the world of tomorrow.

Chief Creative Officer



George is an award-winning, formally trained graphic designer and digital artist with a passion for technology. His credentials include a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art. he has taught design and fine art at St. John's University, and enjoys teaching and collaborating with children and adults in courses relating to science, engineering, design, and video production.

Executive Director of Programs


With a background in aerospace engineering, performing arts, and cognitive psychology, Anna brings a unique blend of technological fluency, artistic mastery, and soft skills to the field of education. 

Committed to peacebuilding through innovation and immersive learning experiences, Anna is passionate about empowering children and youth.


Leap Tutoring Academy is a tutoring center with locations on Staten Island, New York. We specialize in working with children who have dyslexia as well as other learning disabilities.


CEO, Education Director, Co-Founder

Maria’s vast professional experiences include her extensive work and development with helping to improve access and equity in educating students “at risk” for literacy failure. As a skilled literacy interventionist, she serves as a mentor for teachers seeking to fulfill their credentials as an Orton Gillingham specialist. Maria was an adjunct professor of clinical studies for those seeking to develop expertise in providing diagnostic/prescriptive teaching methodologies. She was formerly a teacher, mentor and administrator of New York City public schools, as well as former Director of Intervention, NYC Chancellor’s Office of Response to Intervention. Maria co-founded the first and only charter school in the northeast for children with dyslexia and language-based processing disabilities. Currently, Maria is the CEO of Leap, as well as the founder of “Parents as Partners” Homeschool Cooperative Learning Programs. Recently, she co-founded Fusion Programs, a center for the development and integration of STEAM programs for children, teens, and young adults.

Maria holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education, with advanced studies in English and Special Education. She holds a Master of Science Degree as a Reading Specialist. She is also a certified School Based/District Instructional Leader. She is a certified Reading Recovery Specialist, NYU, as well as a Curriculum Specialist, Teacher’s College Columbia University, and she hold National Board recognition, Early Childhood Generalist, NBPTS.  Additionally, she is a certified dyslexia specialist of the highly regarded Academy of Orton Gillingham Practitioners and Educators, AOGPE, and she is a certified dyslexia therapist of the International Dyslexia Association, IDA, an internationally acclaimed organization of dyslexia specialists. Lastly she holds a PhD in Special Education, possessing expertise in developing curriculum and programs which focus on the neurodiverse aspects of all learners, especially those with unique talents and abilities!

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